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Shopping guide

Shopping guide

You can order online at website through the following ordering steps:
1. Product Search
Customers can find products in the following ways:
a. Type the product name in the search bar

b. Search by category


- Use filter product by attribute or product price range
2. Add products to cart
When you have found the product you want, please click on the product image or name to access the product's detailed information page, then:

a. Check product information: price, promotion information.
b. Select the desired quantity.
c. Purchase
3. Check cart and place an order 

Adjust the amount
Make payment. Adjust the quantity in the order

To buy more products to the cart as in Step 2.
*This process can be repeated until you have finished adding all the products you want to order in the cart.
4. Login with Vietcoco account or purchase without registration

Please log in with your existing account at,
After completing the above steps, please click "Continue" to go to the next step
5. Fill in customer's address
- Crazy customer information and address
In case the delivery address is different, check the box marked in the picture below and enter the delivery address  
6. Choose a payment method